Trumedia – Educational DVD

Trumedia is a leading educational supplier, offering BBC, Channel 4 and other educational resources to schools in the UK.

Specialising mainly in DVD, Trumedia also offer interactive whiteboards, CD-Roms and other technology based learning materials. Their goal is to offer a simple one-stop shop to schools, with flexible ordering to suit different school systems. You can use their online shop, which accepts purchase orders or credit cards – or just fax, post, email or phone your order.

The company was founded at Oxford Polytechnic’s TV Research Unit in the 1980s, and has been run as an independent company since that time.

In addition to BBC and Channel 4, Trumedia supply materials from Sherston, Keynotes, TV Choice, as well as film and TV DVDs on general release.

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    Trumedia - Educational DVD
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